Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ernie & sugar

I've gotten a few requests lately to post a picture of Ernie and I am more than happy to oblige. He has become such a warm loving friend to all of us, even those who pick him up by one arm while he is eating. He is always quick to purr and settle down nearby. Sometimes too nearby. This is how I work in the afternoon. Usually he is sitting up looking at the screen chasing the cursor. Cute, but really annoying when I'm trying to read the screen.
Last night he jumped up onto my pile of finished (or nearly finished) presents.

No harm was done.

Here is sugar. I'll bet you were thinking Sugar, Ernie's mom. Nope, sugar. 25 pounds of powdered sugar. It was leftover from the holiday celebration at school. Mae's class did cookie decorating. I baked about 10 dozen cookies and another parent supplied the sugar for the frosting. I was lucky enough to get what was left, which feels to be about 22 pounds. Yikes. I like to bake and all, but this is a bit much. I 'll try to post my progress as the bag gets lighter (and I get heavier!).

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