Monday, February 18, 2008

Socks are fun!

This is crazy. Everyone in my house loves this new sock yarn. It is soft, a bit stretchy, and wonderfully colored. I bought it at my local yarn shop, but it is hand painted by these folks in NY. Aren't they amazing. It was actually hard to break into these balls to start knitting.
But I did, and here is Mae's foot 2/3's covered with sock #1.

Here it is finished. It only took 1 week, not bad for me as I usually lose interest after a few days and start another project. The stripes in this yarn kept me going. It was fun to see them appear. Hopefully, sock #2 will be done in another week. Then she could actually wear them. Together.
I can see this becoming an addiction. There are so many lovely hand dyed yarns out there (like these). Gotta keep my day job 'tho, cause they aren't cheap (but they are worth it).


Anonymous said...

Wonderful socks, Wendy! Oh, I mean 'sock' singular. I love the way the stripes changed on the bottom. Tell Mae not to wear just that one before the other is finished, and that way you'll have to do the other one because she'll bug you about it!


Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

I'm keeping the done sock on display to serve as inspiration. I'm a few inches into the second sock. She might get to wear them soon!

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