Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Can you tell what my favorite colors are? These lovely presents were hand made and hand wrapped and created entirely by Henry and Mae. Henry drew a picture of a beautiful garden complete with flowers and insects. Mae made a purple and orange paper flower. Lucy helped me make the cake. I chose to make a Tres Leches cake (recipe here), not because they are pretty, but because they are really, really good.
As you can see, there are actually cinco leches used.

It called for 8 separated eggs.

Lucy stuck the flower in there and helped me blow out the candles (yikes, are those bat wings?). We put some fresh strawberries on it and oh my, it was deelish. Everyone had seconds. And you know what I'm having for breakfast? Yup, cake!

This picture shows the scale of the name-door hanger thing Mae made (out of clay). I'm not sure if you can read what the other signs say, but they're pretty funny. The big picture of Mae's name says 'do come in' and in really small letters 'not lucy'. The green sign was originally on the bathroom door and says 'do not come in. Pleas I am shawering'.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! What marvelous cards and presents! And I am positive, three days later, there is no cake left. :)

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