Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aaahh, Summertime!

You might have heard about the record high temperatures in the west. Well, it was warm here, but nothing we couldn't handle, with our NEW POOL that is!John picked up this little beauty at kmart for $20. And then stopped off at a construction site to get some water toys.
He also rigged up the play structure's slide to a ladder and voila, a water slide!
This is what we did for about 1 hour straight on Thursday.
Earlier in the day was the end of the school year pancake breakfast. Henry left from there with a friend to spend the day at Hurricane Harbor, lucky guy. Mae and I went on to the craft store (yes, I bought some new yarn), then went out to sushi lunch then some more shopping (bubbles & toys!). Then we picked up Lucy at school and went home to blow bubbles.
Aaaaahhh, summertime.

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