Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Green & Purple

This is our first real harvest from the garden, isn't it pretty? Starting from the bottom left (clockwise) we've got eggplant, birthday candles, purple bell pepper, round french squash, purple beans, and my new sock project. The yarn is from this Etsy store.


Anonymous said...

I love those colors together! And yarn with zucchini, of course. You could use those zucchini as darning assistants, just stick them in the toe of the sock! Oh, wait, you do the toe last.

I can't wait for my beans to start!

Clarissa said...

I want a garden that grows green and purple birthday candles.

Only in California, eh?

our growing climate in Maine is just not that great, I guess. (Though I am hoping to get really fresh and local lobster, from a cousin who lobsters)

and, a few other things, Wendy:

have you seen www.knittingiris.typepad.com?

a few posts back, a huge post (and Etsy sale) about hand-dyed yarn. Very cool and very beautiful. Maybe you already know it.

and, in really "small world" interestingness:

I saw you bought a Swallowfield print. While I don't really know her - (but stumbled upon her blog at some point in the last year or so), I used to work with her mom (over 10 years ago), and, her mom came to our wedding (in 1996), and gave us a plate, decorated/designed by Jen, at one of those paint your own pottery places.

at some point, I'll have to get brave and tell Jen (I'm not that good at "de-lurking" on sites that I read where I don't really know the person.)


Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

Fresh local lobster trumps just about everything I can think of.

I have seen knittingiris, but missed the Etsy sale. I hope to get some of her yarn someday. I love the idea of natural dyes. I think I found her through Soulemama, which is also how I found Swallowfield. How cool that you have an original plate.

I'm not much of a de-lurker myself. I think this is the only blog I leave comments on.

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