Monday, July 7, 2008

Plums, 2008

We have been given so many plums this year, at least 3 loads of 60. That's a lot of plums. Our neighbors across the street have shared with us, so has my boss's mom. So nice.
We sorted them in different ways.
Counted them in groups of fives and twelves.
There were only so many upside down plum cakes I could make (how many you ask? 3), so I got creative.

Plum fruit leather, recipe found here.
It took quite a while for the plum puree to dry out, but the results were worth it, sort of. It tastes okay, kind of tart like everything else made with plums. But this leather is such a beautiful shade of ruby red pink that you hardly notice the tartness.

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Anonymous said...

That is some beautiful fruit leather! I may join you and make some.

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