Monday, September 29, 2008

Local oddities

I was on my way to pick up Lucy the other day and noticed this green stripe on the mountains. Luckily, I came to a red light and was able to snap these two pictures. This is the area above Goleta where the fire burned this past July. The city is worried that when the winter rains come, the area below the fire will get flooded due to the enormous amount of ash and dirt that will wash into the creeks.
There have been a few planes dropping hydromulch over the burn area for the past week. This article says that they plan on having the planes working for 22 days, sunrise to sunset. I hope it works because I like a lot of stuff that is below those mountains, none of which I want to see flooded.
This is an apartment building just a few houses away from us (picture taken from our back porch). I'm not certain, but I don't think they do this anywhere else. This house is being tented for termite extermination. I can't help but think of the circus every time I see one of these tents.

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