Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Isabel is 8

Yes today was her birthday but it wasn't that exciting. We didn't open presents, we didn't have cake, we didn't even go out to dinner. Why you ask...well, Chance is out of town until tomorrow so we are waiting to celebrate with him (it was Isabel's decision to wait). Also for the first time we are having a real birthday party. Isabel and 10 of her friends are going to have a pool/swim party at the Louisville Rec Center and then have cake (a Jen's special again - don't know what I am talking about look here). I will post more pictures after the party, it should be a blast!

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Clarissa said...

Happy Birthday Isabel.

Milo turned three on Tuesday. We had a few cupcakes to celebrate. they were leftover from the ones I took to school for him. So far he hasn't gotten any presents yet either, nor a real cake. we are waiting until the weekend for cake, and I am still working on the present question.

So far, he's got a pair of new ski goggles waiting for him, bought by me and Alden, the other day, when we were getting Alden new ski boots. Turns out the $5 ones I bought and the ski sale in November were not going to work. So, he ended up with nice new ones.

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