Thursday, January 15, 2009

More after holidays stuff

Well, I guess this story starts before the holidays, technically, but its only just now finishing up. When we were in Portland in November, we stopped at a fabulous yarn store, the Yarn Garden. The stop before was a shoe store where Mae picked out some new sneakers. This is the yarn she chose to go with those new sneakers. (I picked out some sock yarn, too. Stay tuned.)This color is called bearded iris and it doesn't look like they have it anymore. Oh well. It took exactly one month to make these socks. It was a pretty complicated pattern. But very satisfying as the end result is one amazing pair of socks.
I'm just so lucky that someone in this family (besides me) wants to wear hand knit socks.

Lucy and I had some sweet warm chai the other day. You can tell it was cold as I'm wearing my vest in the house, Lucy who never gets cold, of course, was barefoot. Not this week! We've had about 6 days of above 75 degrees. My daffodils are coming up. No kidding.

This was also taken during our cold week. Our annual burning of the Christmas tree. More warmth.

And finally, some sibling warmth. Lucy and Mae collaborated on the cover of their new book "The Christmas Fairy." I'll share more as they complete more of the story. Each kid received a few Bare Books for Christmas, definitely one of the best presents you could ever give or receive.


Grandma Nancy said...

Hey, I love my homemade socks! You can make me another pair any time you want to. Looks like the blanketscame in handy. They look pretty cozy....

Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

Okay, after this next pair for me I'll start another for you. Color??
And, yes! The blankets get used by all of us a lot. Thanks.

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