Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hearts and Happy!

Happy Valentines Day. I went the simple route this year; rice crispy treats cut out into heart shapes. I forgot how much I love to eat these. Dangerous! I actually made a few batches, one for the bake sale at Henry's play (The Hobbit) and one for us. Still not enough!
Henry was a dwarf, not an elf, so he did not wear one of the 7 head wreathes I made. But he was a good sport and tried them on for size. I was not able to take any pictures during dress rehearsal or on the night of the play because somehow I was in charge of costumes and was pretty busy. I was back stage helping with costume changes and cues. Pretty fun actually, but a lot of work. 30 kids, some with two roles. Phew, I'm glad its done!

This little clock is currently making me smile. Even at 6:30 in the morning. (I love the book, too)

And this crazy girl, she almost always makes me happy.

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Thalia said...

I love that clock!!! I want one!
I am glad for you that the costumery is over. That's a lot of kids to decorate.


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