Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soccer Season

Isabel and Josephine are both on soccer teams this spring. It is our first trip down the organized sports path (for the kids that is). Isabel has had 2 practices and LOVES it. She was a little nervous at first, as she always is, but has really enjoyed it so far. She is on a team with her friend Samantha (a 3rd grader) so that helps. The team is a U9 team so it is made up of mostly 2nd and 3rd graders.

Josephine had her first practice today. She liked it. I am not sure she is as into it as Isabel but she had fun running around kicking the ball. Her team is a U7 team so it is mostly 1st graders, a couple of kindergarteners and a couple of young 2nd graders. I will keep you posted as the season goes on.

walking to practice

Matilda being silly, as usual

Isabel and Samantha




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Clarissa said...

oh, wow, SPRING soccer. We miss that...

No spring here, yet. We still have tons of snow. In fact, we're bunking off work tomorrow to SKI. (Alden has no school, teacher inservice).

Alden started indoor soccer a few weeks ago, though. Soccer. Ski. Ski. Soccer. March in Maine.

Hey - I hear you might come visit us. email me and tell me what you are thinking. it would be great to see you guys.

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