Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

We were lucky enough to have almost beach weather before New Year's Day, so we ....went to the beach! It was pretty great getting out and exploring the low tide. We didn't find much except some beach glass, but I'll take it.
How cool is this? Henry got this laser pointer thing for Christmas and John pointed it at a sparkly ornament on the tree. The result: a laser show in our own living room. Whoa.
John and I (mostly John) made this tree house for Mae. It was fun to make, although the rope ladder was kind of a drag. I'll have to put up another picture of it because the staircase is unbelievable.

John found most of this (the motorbike, that is, not the boy) at, you guessed it, the dump. He bought a seat, brakes, carburetor and throttle cable and he and Henry built it together for a Christmas present. I tried riding it today and nearly hit a parked car. Yup, I got off right away and gave it back to the boy.
Our mostly photogenic family. I'm not saying who is and who isn't. We're all mostly. Maybe someday we'll dress up and do it right.
Best wishes for a wonderful 2010!

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Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

I love Mae's hair. Have I said that before? I really do!!! I also love Lucy's doll house. That is beautiful. As for Henry's motorbike...the jury is still out. Let's see how many ER trips happen in the next few months. I know if I got on it I would be at the ER in a heartbeat. Have fun!

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