Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last weekend :: Happy Birthday Dad !

I am so behind in posting, sorry about that. Last weekend (not two days ago) we were lucky enough to have Grandpa Dave here on his birthday. Of course, a cherry cake (recipe found here) was in order. I think this one turned out pretty well. It was light, sweet and the frosting tasted of cherries. Yay!
We had a great and pretty busy visit with the east coast grandparents. First was ballet and basketball. Next baseball and basketball. Then a short bike ride (only 5-6 miles) to the beach and lunch. Each night was a delicious dinner and dessert. Salmon, vegetable pasta, flourless chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, ice cream and caramel sauce. Hmmm, I've listed more desserts than dinners.
Agreeable siblings? I think so!
This is nearly all of us at the beach during our ride (duh, the picture says it all really).
The next day (school day for the kids) Grandpa Dave, Grandma Carol and I went on a long (27 mile) bike ride from our house to Goleta Beach and back. It was something else. Felt good to get home! Next time you visit, lets go for a nice beach walk!

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