Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lucy is Six!

Henry woke up first and quietly got Mae up next. She came in to get me and then we all woke Lucy up with "Happy Birthday." They had it all planned the night before. How sweet? And just look at that card from Mae. Also very sweet.
The day started out with french toast, Lucy's favorite breakfast. Then she had to endure both a full day of school and a baseball game (she and I stayed home and painted her toenails and made cookies for her class) before we could get to presents and cake.
Crazy out of focus picture but it shows how colorful the decorations were.
Who would have thought a purse full of fancy jewelry would thrill not only Lucy, but Henry too?
The cake, not so pretty, but yummmmmmy. Vanilla cake, strawberry ice cream, strawberry cake, vanilla ice cream.
Thanks to everyone who sent cards and presents. She loved each and every thing she opened.
To top it all off, we won the baseball game. Henry hit a home run and Mae drove in 1 run with a single to center field. What a great day!

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