Saturday, April 24, 2010

School Fun

We have had some pretty fun activities at school lately (as if school isn't fun enough on it's own)!

Here the girls are working on a Family Crest in Josie's class during The Panther Pot Pourri/Ice Cream Social night. A few Bendaroos on a piece of cardboard and then covered in tin foil. We decided on a smiley face for our family.
Josie (as well as the other 1st grade classes) has been learning about Japan. On Thursday the 1st graders had Japan Day at school. The encouraged all the kids to wear dark pants or skirt and white shirts to represent a uniform; formed teams; made flags; played games; had a tea ceremony; ate snacks (sushi) and all in all had a great day! I was there for most of it. I even ran a pre-game calisthenics warm-up for all the kids. It was a lot of fun.
They could sign up for jump rope team. Josie is in the black gauchos and white tank top.
When I looked across the field mid way through the events Izzy was out for recess playing soccer.
Hula hoop contest. Not sure why she had it around her neck.
Tea Ceremony

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