Thursday, May 13, 2010

Camping with Henry's Class

Last week I was lucky enough to go camping with Henry's class to Montana de Oro State Park. This place is amazing. Tide pools, sand dunes, bluffs, and creeks, all within walking distance from the campground.
This is the closest beach to the campground. It was sandy (see directly above) and rocky (see first picture) all in one. The kids loved climbing on the rocks.
The dunes were crazy-steep. It was quite a workout going up and down. The ocean is much more dramatic and big compared to Santa Barbara. This part of the California Coast faces west as opposed to our south facing beaches. This makes a huge difference in wind, currents and waves. Dramatic, I tell you.
We kayaked across this harbor to the dunes and then hiked over the dunes to the ocean. I didn't bring my camera because it isn't waterproof, but it was really beautiful. Lots of shells and sand dollars.
Isn't this little sea urchin adorable. It was about the size of my thumbnail. The tide pools were great even though we missed low tide by about an hour. I guess we'll have to go back. Darn.
Henry is at an age where most of the time he was with his friends, I just helped out with the class in general. We didn't hike, tide pool, climb dunes or kayak together, but on the second night he did join me in my tent. I have to say it was wonderful having him in there with me. And much warmer!

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