Saturday, July 17, 2010

Over the hill

The agreeable siblings (for this moment, at least) and I headed over the foothills in search of sun. We went over about once each week during June Gloom and Cool Early July and found exactly what we were looking for. A short hike, blue sky, cool water and sunshiney happiness.
This is the wonderful Santa Ynez river.
This pool was at least 10-15 feet deep. We swam across and jumped off that rock you see.

This guy was in a mud puddle. Pretty big by my standards. The crayfish, that is, not the mud puddle.
The hike out was during the warmest part of the day. Everyone cooled their heads off, like Mae here, but she did it with the most style.
This week has been full of beach, beach and more beach. We are so thrilled that the sun has decided to stay.

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