Sunday, March 27, 2011

The celebration

Cake, presents and skating. Yes!
Luck would have it that softball practice was rained out, John got home early and Henry didn't have to be at school for his play until 5:15. So, we had about 90 minutes to open presents and eat pizza dinner with Lucy the Seven Year Old.
She got some very cool gifts.
I think this one is her favorite, but the skirts (she got 3) have all been in heavy rotation for the past two days.
The cake was our standard banana cake but this time with strawberry frosting and fresh strawberries! Very pretty and tasty.

"I'm seven!"
Okay, I could write a book (a very funny book) about our ice skating adventure. It was FABULOUS. I was afraid that it would be cold (and you know me in the cold - stay inside and take pictures through the window) and painful. However, despite the cold, Lucy and I were the best skaters in the family and stayed out on the rink the longest. She really worked at it and by the end was able to go around with out the wall or my hand. Henry was on the ice a lot. His poor knees are so bruised up today, but it was funny and he was a great sport. John looked like a giraffe with his legs apart. Mae was slow and steady staying close to the wall. We all had a ton of fun. I wish I had more pictures, or even video, but I was so afraid that I would fall and smash the camera that I quickly took this picture (and a few others) and put the camera in the car.
The best part, of course, is the skating costume. It fits her perfectly. Lucy even made the skirt twirl out a bit. Now, if only there was a big frozen puddle down in the tennis court parking lot.....

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