Monday, May 23, 2011

Games & The 2nd Lucky Mile

***As I was looking through some older posts I realized I put up these pictures but never actually put this post on the blog. This is from a few weeks ago***

Last weekend Grandpa Dave and Grandma Carol came out for a visit. We had a great time even though the weather didn't cooperate very well.
Tilly with GD & GC playing a game of Headbandz. The cards on your head say what person/place/thing you are and you ask other people questions to try to figure out what you are.
Tilly was french fries
The theme for the 2nd Lucky Mile was Spandex Nation. You can check out the website to see times and overall point scores. Everyone improved their time from the week before except Tilly. Grandma Carol, Candace and Kristi ran this one too. Since Kristi was running with Tilly Izzy asked me if I would run with her...ummmmmm, I can't run that fast. She did just fine on her own.
Notice what everyone else is wearing and notice what Tilly was wearing...she never gets cold! How is she related to me?
Pre-race pep talk.
Starting line. That's Izzy in the plaid leggings and bathing suit.

And they're off...
Izzy finishing
Jil finishing
Candace and Josie finishing
Grandma Carol finishing

Kristi and Tilly finishing
Post-race jubulation

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