Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Day of School, Lucky Mile, Soccer and Bolder Boulder!

Thursday was the last day of school for the girls. Compare that with the first day of school here. They had a great school year and some mixed feelings about it being over.
Thursday was also the 3rd Lucky Mile Race. The theme for this one was 80's television...we didn't really dress up this time. Maybe next week for the Make-up mile. Here's Izzy with a couple of friends pre-race.
And there off. You can see Josie right in the middle of this picture wearing knee-high neon socks, neon camouflage shorts and a brightly colored bathing suit.
On Memorial Day Izzy & Chance were off to the finals of their soccer tournament and Josie & I were off to run the Bolder Boulder again. Izzy's team ended up getting 2nd after going to double overtime and then to PK's (penalty kicks) in the finals. Congrats Izzy and Coach Chance on a great season. Tryouts for next year are tomorrow!
For all of you who think of Izzy as a sweet, kind, gentle spirit...get her on a soccer field. I think this elbow says it all!
The two group of PK shooters.
Izzy getting ready to shoot her PK (she made it). Thanks to Candace for all the great action shots.
Josie and I getting ready to run. We finished in 1:40. About 18minutes faster than last year. Woo Hoo!


wendy said...

Way to go all you sporty girls! 6 miles is about 5 miles too far. And, happy summer!

Cindy or Bart said...

Congrats Izzy! 10K in 1h40m - we're proud of you Josie. How's the training going Jil?

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