Sunday, May 22, 2011


Okay, maybe hanging a new shower curtain doesn't count as redecorating, but it sure makes this room look better.
Isn't this fabric cute? Target online.

Henry's room got a complete makeover. New rug, new paint, new bed/desk! I love the carpet and wall colors (licorice and faded ink), they are so calming and very mature. The bed/desk is from Ikea. The curtain is from our stash of beach towels and is temporary.

It was quite an adventure clearing out the kids rooms. They have a lot of stuff. They all lived downstairs in the sort-of-finished garage for a few weeks while we painted, removed a closet, patched a ceiling leak and had new carpets installed. The contents of the kids rooms were in every other room in the house. That wasn't fun. but it was worth it. Soon we'll be finishing up the girls room. Yee-ha.


Henry's regular season baseball wrapped up last week with a championship game that they won!

Way to go SB Bronco Padres!

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Cindy or Bart said...

Congrats to Henry on the championship.And I love his room - the colors look great! Wow what a shower curtain - love that too!

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