Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Team Run Like A Mutha!

This weekend 9 other Mutha's (our team name was Run Like A Mutha) and I ran the Colorado Relay. It was awesome. We had such an amazing experience together and we can't wait to do another one sometime. We ended up finishing in 32 hours (it would have been 31 but one of our runners got lost for about an hour at 4:00am).
The moon over Boreas Pass at 5:30am Friday before the start.
And they're off...
This is where I finished my first leg. It was a beautiful run even though I spent most of it trying to breath at that elevation.
There I am coming in to Boreas Pass
Katie, myself & Karen waiting at an exchange point
Our home away from home for the weekend
All the Muthas (except Karen who was running) in Como
We were able to get about 45 minutes of sleep at the Vail Pass rest area around 2:00pm Friday before the rain came and we had to go back in to the vans.
Here I am at about 3:00pm Friday heading up from Copper Mtn. to Vail Pass, sort of a low altitude finish, only 10, 617 ft.
I was the 1st Mutha to finish at about 2:30am Saturday. Beer in one hand, double shot espresso in the other. Turns out I didn't finish the beer and I didn't even open the espresso. The beer sounded so good, and it was so cold and then I took a couple of sips and put it aside in favor of my Gatorade.

Here is Helly (in the pink tank top) finishing the last leg and Katie taking a picture of our team crossing the finish line
Here we all are finishing about 2:45 pm
Official "Finish" sign in the background
The cleaned up Muthas

There are some more pictures on facebook for any of you who are facebookers.

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We missed you!!
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