Friday, December 23, 2011


Pa's ornaments went up in their sunny place of honor, along with all our colorful fuse bead projects. They look lovely and sparkle with the low, winter sun.
We haven't yet done all our Solstice celebrating, but the oranges are up. We normally make sun bread (I was going to post a picture of sun bread from previous years, but the most recent picture is from 2008), but I didn't have any yeast or enough flour on hand. WHAT?? Wendy didn't have baking ingredients??? I know, I know.....we've got them now and the sun bread will just be a little late. And I'll definitely take a picture.
We spent a night making snowflakes and other paper ornaments (thank you Aunt Kathy for the crafty/yummy gifts).
Everyone got into it and the house looks great.

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