Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Here I am in the tv room at Pa & Grandma's watching the Yule Log.
Every time I look at this picture I am back in that room. Does anyone else remember that?Above, of course, is Lucy warming her hands to a very similar tv fire.
Our sweet little tree, looking very red and green this year. Not sure about that Christmas Jack o'lantern, but I think we put it out every year.
We've been making and eating a lot of popcorn this season. At both school gardens I grew a few varieties of popcorn. The students and I harvested it back before Halloween and it has been drying in our laundry since then. Every few weeks, Mae and I would remove a few kernels and see if they were ready for popping. The moisture level has to be just right. Finally, two weeks ago, they were ready! Nearly every class at the kid's school has had a special popcorn lesson!
Today we are celebrating the shortest day, or really the return of longer days. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of our Winter Solstice doings.

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