Sunday, April 29, 2012

Family Time

Last Sunday, when Grandpa Dave and Grandma Carol were in town, Isabel and Chance had to drive to Grand Junction, CO for a soccer game.  No big deal you may think, we all have had away games in the past.  Grand Junction is 4.5 hrs. each way.  That is 9 hours of driving for a 1 hour game.  Doesn't seem right somehow.  The day started with a hot air balloon flying right over our house.  Chance and I were in the kitchen and it all of a sudden got dark.  We went to look outside to see what it was and there was this balloon.  It was really cool.

The zoom on my new camera works pretty well.
Later that day we went down to the open space at the end of our culdy and had a picnic.
A rousing game of War.

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