Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5th Grade Graduation!

Sweet little Isabel graduated from 5th grade last Thursday.  It is such a fun day at our school.  The parents provide breakfast for the students and everyone eats together in their classroom.  Then the ceremony itself which consists of a speech from the principal, the 5th grade teachers and having your name announced and walking across the stage to shake your teachers hand and then a slide show.  After that there is time to take pictures with your family then off to a picnic on the fields.  After lunch they get changed and walk over to the town outdoor pool where they get to swim and hang out for 2 hours.  When they get back from that...the run a lap around the school.  All the other students in all the grades come outside and line up to give the 5th graders high fives as they run by.  Then one last time alone with the teachers in the classrooms (no parents allowed)!  It was a fun day.  Isabel got invited over to a friends house after school that had the Sweet Cow Moo Mobile there.  It doesn't get much better than that!  
Happy graduation Isabel, we are so proud of you...on to middle school.


Cindy or Bart said...

Isalbel, it looks as if you had a terrific day. Congratulations!

Cindy or Bart said...

Want to edit that comment and spell Isabel the right way. Sorry.

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