Friday, June 29, 2012


 Really, I'm not sure who is more amazed at 13, the boy or his parents. Jeezo, 13 is a big number. A teen number. He is a teenager. And a wonderful one at that! The cake is coconut with lemon curd filling and lemon-cream cheese frosting. Pretty tasty if I say so myself.
 We finally got around to opening presents around 9:30pm after a delicious shrimp taco dinner. 
Henry the 13 year old. 
Did I mention he is now a teenager?!
John's birthday was celebrated with sushi, presents and banana cream pie! Love this time of year, I do.


Grandma Nancy said...
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Grandma Nancy said...

He's the best and handsome-est 13 year old on earth. Of course, that's the proud Grandma coming out in me!

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