Monday, August 20, 2012

a proper weekend

 August 11-12, this was only our second weekend this summer with all five of us at home. It felt good. So we had a proper breakfast. Mine had avocados and tomatoes! 
 The weather was great (which it has been most of this summer, not as much fog, and when it was foggy-we were at the lake!) so we set up a not-so-proper slip 'n slide.
 It is just a tarp with some dishsoap (the biodegradable kind, don't worry).
 Because it was so wide, you could go down it any style. 
 You could even surf it. 
Lucy kept on playing for a long time after the others had had enough.
And the lawn got properly watered!
I think we'll have one more weekend like this before school starts.

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