Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to school

 Everyone was pretty excited about the first day of school. So happy that no one protested the requisite first day photos! Lucy has the same teacher as last year. She is in 3rd grade.
 New teacher for Mae, so far so good. 6th grader, last year at OAS.
 Henry, all new teachers (good ones!) 8th grade, last year at SBJHS.
New bike. I'll have to write about it separately (or he will) because it is worthy of its own post.
I'm at the same two schools, but I'll be working with a few new teachers. 
As great as all our schools are, the pace is a bit too hurried for my taste. I miss summer already. 
However, due to budget cuts, our school year is 5 days shorter this year. That means next summer is closer than ever! Phew.

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