Friday, October 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

Well, we had a bit of a leak at our house.  After much searching and many hours (and dollars) by the plumber it turns out a pipe associated with our washing machine had cracked.

 At first the plumber said it was in the ground, marked out where it was and since he knew Chance was pretty handy around the house suggested that Chance dig the hole himself to save some money.  Chance, by the way, thought the leak was in the wall.  Anyway, Chance went out and rented a jack hammer and tore up the laundry room floor.  NO PIPE.  There wasn't a pipe where the plumber said it was.  The plumber came back out and after more searching (and more dollars) and a consult from another plumber with the same company who Chance knows from way back when, they determined the cracked pipe was in...get this...THE WALL!!!  Perhaps the plumber should put Chance on the payroll.
 After all this my mom asked if homeowners insurance covered any of this.  I called and it turns out they do. we are, three days later and in the demolition process.  They need to clean inside the walls and under ground since the pipe was connected to the main line and it may contain yucky stuff (my words, not theirs).  The TV room is blocked off and in the process of being deep cleaned and decontaminated.  After all of this is done in a few days we begin the process of putting it all back together.  Fixing the holes in the dry wall, replacing the carpet, replacing the floor in the laundry room, paint touch up, replace tiles in the bathroom...anything else that needs to be done.

 So, what do you do when all this is going on around you?  Make banana muffins.  What else is a girl to do?
Dad, you may want to give me a call about your upcoming visit :)

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