Thursday, October 25, 2012

It wouldn't be October if we didn't.....

 go apple picking!
They say the average American eats about 18 pounds of apples annually.
We are not average!

I have not actually kept track of how many pounds of apples we've eaten this year, but I am quite certain we're way above 18lbs/person.

Let's look at the math for Henry:

If Henry eats an apple every third day he has eaten 121 apples in a year. I'm not saying he does this because many days he has two, sometimes three and those days are more common than the days he doesn't eat an apple at all. For the sake of science (and math), I'm going with 121. Still with me?
An average apple weighs 6oz. 
So, 121 x 6oz=726oz or 
45lbs of apples!
Anyway, we went over the mountain to Santa Ynez to do our annual apple picking and picnic lunch with Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dave last weekend and it was just as wonderful as ever. We visited a winery or two, saw some cool race cars and ate delicious sandwiches.
I just realized that I didn't include apples found in pie, crisp, sauce or oatmeal.
We love apples.

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