Friday, February 22, 2013

If it's late January then.....

 it must be time for Grandpa Dave and Grandma Carol to come visit.
(I know it is currently late February, but let's overlook that for this post).
And, as always, we ate extremely well.
Birthday cake #1 was not a cake at all, it was a Banana Cream Pie.
Birthday cake #2, on a different night of course, was flourless chocolate cake.
Both were pretty darn tasty.

 We did not only eat dessert, oh no. We grilled, had salmon, went out for Mexican and had Paella.
 It only took us 2 hours to shop for all these ingredients. I'm almost certain we could shave an hour off that time, but it was fun going to the harbor, the farmer's market, the harbor again and to a regular grocery store.
 Isn't it pretty?
 I think Lucy is helping add a yarn baggage identifier here. Whatever they're doing, the sure look happy.
These two look happy also, perhaps a bit crazy, but happy.
Can you imagine propping your grandma on your knees?
I'm trying to picture doing that with my one of my grandmas when I was 12.
Pretty funny picture, that is.

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