Sunday, April 21, 2013

Science Fair 2013

 Another Science Fair has come and gone. 
This is our 9th year of science projects, that is 19 projects so far!
Lucy wanted to play with different liquids, so we found a project that suited her interest.
 Liquids that are different densities (mass per unit volume) will stay separated from one another when put in the same container (think salad dressing). We tried to see how many we could stack.
 Trial run; corn syrup (colored green), water (colored red) and oil.
We could easily stack three.
 This was a bit trickier - five!
I think the order starting from the bottom (heaviest) was honey, corn syrup, milk, tequila, and oil.

 Once we got out the food color, nothing could stop the rainbow. 
This is not related to the project, just colorful and fun.
 Mae's project was really cool.
She made vanilla pudding, divided it into three bowls, colored one pink, one brown and left the third natural. She was trying to see if color affected taste. 
She used another class at school as her test subjects.
The question was "What color is your favorite?"
 She recorded the results and peoples remarks. 
It was pretty interesting. 
Half the class chose brown as their favorite.
Maybe this class liked chocolate more than vanilla even though all the puddings were vanilla.
She decided that color does indeed affect taste.
One taster even said, "The vanilla is good, but the strawberry was disgusting."

Henry's project was about the insulative properties of different substances.
He heated water to a certain temperature, put it in a cup within a container. The space around the cup (inside the container) was filled with either air, sand, leaves, home insulation or wool. 
He waited 5 minutes and retook the temperature seeing which one stayed hot the longest.
Wool won! 
The knitter -and the believer in sustainable natural resources- in me was thrilled.
Happy Earth Day!

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