Friday, June 7, 2013


 This was a big graduating year for us, 6th and 8th grade.
Does anyone remember a graduation ceremony in 8th grade? Not me.
But anyway, Henry had one this week and now he is a high schooler! 
He should be, he is taller than the Junior High principal. 
That is how they decide who moves on, right?!
 Mae is happy to get her 6th grade promotion certificate. 
(Her school technically goes through 8th grade, so it is okay that she is shorter than the principal and yet still leaving.)
I think someone (or 4 someones) in the crowd cheered really loud just then.
How embarrassing!
Congratulations graduates!
Happy Summer Everyone!

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Cindy or Bart said...

Forgot because it was so long ago, but I had an 8th grade graduation. Pappy, who as the president of the Board of Education, spoke at it too.

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