Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Life at the lake

We've been here for over two weeks and I am just now finding time to post.  As Dale always says, it's a great place if you can keep up with the pace.  The pace has been go, go, go since we got here and it has been awesome!  A few highlights...
 Chance was here the first week which was great.  We had clams for dinner one night and they were yummy, and I don't even like clams.
 Chance and the girls getting the sailboat ready for the summer.
 Elsie, Kaitlyn and Tilly in their special ice cream eating spot.
 Front view of the ice cream girls!
 Kaitlyn, Tilly, Elsie and Sara playing on the float.
My view from the Soda House on a quiet day.
 Chance and Isa out kayaking.
 Chance talking soccer strategy with some interested and not-so interested listeners.
Benjamin and Tilly!!!

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