Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another scarf

I tend to buy yarn and then figure out what to make. This yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas 50% alpaca/50% silk. It was so nice to work with. Soft and such a pretty color. But in this case, I knew I wanted to make a scarf. Not a plain scarf, but something kind of fancy and special. It is a gift for the city employee who helped us through our remodel. She was very patient. And really kind.
Here it is being blocked (stretched out while wet to shape it until it dries). This is a step I almost always never do (always never? yes). But in this case it made the scarf nice and straight and wonderfully drapey.
I wish I could keep it. Ah, well. An excuse to buy some more yarn and start up another project. Stay tuned!

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