Monday, May 26, 2008


This weekend we (me and the girls) met up with some friends to go rock climbing at Crown Rock. It was a beautiful day so we were all really excited to go in to Boulder and climb. When we got there it was pretty windy and a lot colder than where we just came from, home. Isabel wore a sweatshirt of mine I found in the car, Josie borrowed something from a friend that was a few sizes too big as well and luckily we had an extra hoody in the car for Tilly. Josie got harnessed up and did a little climbing, Isabel was too cold to do anything and Tilly was mad she couldn't climb by herself on every rock in sight (Marg you would have loved this). Unfortunately we didn't stay very long, maybe next time. Perhaps we are fair weather climbers?Chance got home from a trip early Memorial Day morning. Usually we go up to the Bolder Boulder to watch the fly by, parachuters and Professional Race. The weather was a little cold and overcast, we were all a little run down from the weekend so we decided to skip it and go to the crawdad hole instead (we've been there before). It was pretty muddy and slimy - perfect for getting dirty, no crawdads though. We even talked about changing the name of it but decided against it. What we found instead was bees, lots of them. It was pretty amazing.

A little trash clean up along the way. One of the girls (can't remember who) picked up some dirty trash and I asked her to put it down. Isabel said, "why can't we take it home and throw it away?" So we did.
The final stop before heading home for lunch was The Elephant Playground.

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Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

Cool Bees! We had a bunch trying to make a new home in our bathroon last week. Not so cool. I want to boulder climb with you. That looks really fun.

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