Monday, May 5, 2008


We received this frog habitat about four years ago as a Christmas present. Everyone was very excited. We sent in the coupon for tadpoles and put them in as soon as they arrived. Something wasn't quite right, however, because after 10 months, they were still tadpoles (healthy, but not frogs).We tried again the next year with local tadpoles from the creek. It worked! Last year there was not enough water in the creek for tadpoles, but this year there is.
So we went hunting again and came home with 7 tadpoles. I think they are pacific tree frogs, but it is hard to tell at this point. I don't think this habitat can support 7 frogs. I'm hoping that the bigger ones turn into frogs quickly so we can release them freeing up space for the little ones.
This is the biggest one. It is about 1" long, tail included. I'm amazed by these little guys. They're kind of like caterpillars turning into butterflies, but you can actually watch the transformation. Cool.

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Anonymous said...

How cool! I like your habitat. Kaeva and I want to go tadpoling in your creek with you!

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