Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last week, OAS held its annual Iron Kids Triathlon, which is a big fundraiser for the school and a super fun day for the kids. Here's Mae on the bike course (it was way too easy for her).
Here she is finishing up the mile run. And the water part was water buckets and wet sponge throwing. Perfect for a warm day.
This is the only picture I have of Henry; also at the end of the mile run. Earlier, he went for a 5 mile bike ride and lost his chain just yards from the finish line. He ran his bike across the line in a very dramatic fashion, or so I'm told. He got to play in a pool (or swim laps) for the water portion.
The most amazing thing was this sea lion. The kids were all checking it out as it was pretty near to shore.
Then it came closer......
and closer.....
until it was completely out of the water. I guess it must have been ill or something because while we do see their heads bobbing up and down out in the surf, we've never seen one come ashore and with 30 6-7 year olds watching, no less.
Someone called the marine mammal rescue people who came and took him away. Let's hope he's back in the ocean soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that sea lion likes yellow? A lot of yellow in a row?

Sounds like a fun day! May doesn't even look winded in that run.


Anonymous said...

Oh, for goodness sake. I KNOW her name is spelled M-A-E!!! I might need coffee.


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