Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soccer Season Starts

Wow, try to say that 3 times fast. Henry is on the Golden Knights this year. His team is really good. Many of the kids have played before (like since they were 4!) So far, Henry is holding his own. He even scored a goal in their first game. That was pretty darn exciting for all of us!
But nothing was more exciting than having Mae ask me to french braid her hair for her first game. This is her first year playing soccer and she is really enjoying it.
Her team is called Blue Thunder.
I can't get enough of that soft round face.
It should be a fabulous season for both!

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Grandma Nancy said...

Amazing how the kids have such great varied interests. Lucy does look great on a horse! Mae looks a little nervous but her hair looks spectacular! Henry is always sooo handsome.

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