Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Long Lost Blogger...

Well, it has been a while. Sorry for not posting but life and volleyball have kept me pretty busy. I was talking to Wendy today and she said, "you have to put someting up." I joked that perhaps I should take a picture of the hotel rooms I have been staying in and put those up. Then I realized it had been almost a month and there were plenty of pictures on the camera to share. So...this is what we have been doing since the end of September.
10/3/08 - There was a "raccoon hiding in the bushes" as Tilly will tell you over and over and over again. She likes to retell the story of how they saw a raccoon outside in the bushes and then isabel went out and yelled at it and then the raccoon said, "Hi, T.D." Just to explain a few things about that last sentence. Yes there was a raccoon outside the house in broad daylight (I wasn't home but Chance says it was probably sick). I am not sure if Isabel really went outside and yelled at it and I am pretty sure the raccoon didn't talk to Tilly. She calls herself T.D. because that is how she pronounces Tilly. Now all of us have started calling her T.D. or perhaps Teedee.
10/5/08 - Another trip to the barn. We have been able to get out there about 3 weeks now. This last time Tilly came with me and we explored the whole farm while the girls rode.
10/5/08 - Here they are riding up to the arena for their lesson, who gave Josie a crop?
10/12/08 - This is one of the first chilly mornings of the year. We made a fire and had breakfast in the toys room where it was nice and cozy all day.
Tilly is loving her batman jammies right now!
10/12/08 - Later that same day we decided to try the project the Hancock household just did, Sharpie Tie Dye. It was a blast. They loved it and made some, um....interesting designs. I will have to get some pictures of them wearing their creations and post that soon.
10/12/08 - The girls discovered a long lost book of paper dolls. It was still in a suitcase from one of our last trips somewhere. Josie and I had a blast making different people and playing house with them.
10/18/08 - Aunt Josie came to visit for a long weekend. We hadn't seen her in almost 2 years so it was fun to catch up and for her to really meet Tilly. One of the girls favorite things to do was put on Josie's (aunt josie that is) make-up. I am not sure how clear it is in this picture but Josie (little josie that is) went a little crazy with the lip liner. I swear that kid had a ring around her mouth the entire weekend. Too funny. The dog is our neighbor Bob's new Golden Doodle puppy named Ellie.
10/20/08 - Some before school pictures, not everyone was so happy about me taking pictures that morning.

I will try not to stay away as long next time. Enjoy.

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