Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reading and Knitting

It was really windy the other night, so where did Henry decide to read? On the windowsill of course. Why? Because "it was fun to read in the wind." Hmmm?
I've started a few projects, these socks are one of them. Pink, for Lucy, of course. I hope she wears them. Its tricky when flip-flops are the shoe of choice. Maybe when (and if, 85 here today) the weather gets cooler.
I've discovered that having many projects to choose from keeps them all interesting. A while ago, I thought that picking one project and completing it was the way you were supposed to do it. I seem to do better with many things going on at once. Lots of choices. This way I can pick a project based on what mood I'm in or how much time I have. I keep these socks in a small bag that I take with me everywhere. I've got a sweater, other socks, a crochet (granny square) blanket and a scarf going, too. Sometimes I have trouble choosing what to work on.
Right now, however, I am choosing to bake some chocolate cupcakes. Tomorrow night is the premiere of Puss in Boots (Mae is Puss!) and I'm making them for the bake sale. We'll eat a few tonight in honor of a special Aunt's birthday (hi Kath!).

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