Monday, November 10, 2008

Another soccer weekend

Every Saturday for the past 10 weeks we have had soccer games. Sometimes the games are nicely staggered so that there is no time in between, we just go from one field to the next (walking, not driving). Sometimes we have enough time between games to come home. This day was neither. So we had a picnic lunch at the Stow House (where we were married). Not a bad way to spend the day really. The kids were kind enough to pose for me and I got some really cute shots. Too bad Lucy's dress reflected so much, this would have been the perfect picture.
Henry caught this little lizard and then shared it with Mae before letting it go. So tiny, but I guess not fragile because it ran away with no problems at all.
Next weekend is our last game of the season. We were lucky enough to have wonderful coaches and great teammates this year. Everyone had such a fun and fabulous time playing that we are all sad it is coming to an end.

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