Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Yarn

I've found some amazing, new to me yarns lately and I just have to talk about them. Today it will be Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in color Wildflowers. Look at how beautifully it goes with my (handmade by Thalia) tea mug.This is a wool/silk blend made by a non-profit organization in Uruguay. I absolutely love the gentle color changes. I've found a pattern (ravelry patterns require having an account and logging in) that highlights the colors magnificently. Here is a link if you don't have a ravelry account. If you love yarn and yarn crafts as much as I do, I suggest joining; it is an amazing resource.
I finished this scarf in just a few days. It is soft beyond words, light weight and very warm. I will try to post a picture soon.


Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

if you are looking for some gift ideas for our family (not that we even exchange gifts but i want some knitting) we were just talking about needing new, soft scarves. I also think one of the girls would love the leg warmers SouleMama made the other day. Just ideas to keep you busy as you sit around the house being bored ;)

Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

I've had legwarmers in the back of my mind for your girls for months now. Good to hear they might actually like them. I'll get on that right away. Bored???? Not yet!!!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful yarn, oh my. With this addictive stuff we'll have to sell lots of projects!!

And that mug sure appreciates being a star on your blog!


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