Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tea Fire :: We're back home!

This was the view from our back porch on Thursday night. It was really warm and pretty windy, but the smoke was blowing away from us (as was the fire, for a while). There was a full moon and lots of stars. A few of our neighbors came up on our roof for a good view of the fire. The fire started around 6pm and we had the cars packed with important stuff (more about that below) ready to leave within an hour.
This is the view a few hours later. We sat around around watching the news and listening to the radio not sure whether we should stay or go. Finally, at about midnight, the police drove down the street with the speaker on telling every one that we were in a mandatory evacuation zone. A few minutes later the police came to our door and repeated the warning. So, we got in the car and headed to a friends house in Goleta (who, ironically had to evacuate earlier this summer during the Gap Fire).

This was the scariest view just before we left. The closest the fire came was about 3/4 of a mile away. Not far at all.
We were able to return Friday morning, and things are pretty much back to normal for us today. As for what we packed, it was very interesting. Of course we took the computer and cameras and other expensive hi-tech new stuff. But other than that (and some clothes) everything else was from the opposite end of the spectrum; hand made and/or old. The car held mostly hand made blankets, knitted toys and clothes, kids art, regular art and old family jewelry. Oh, and of course the kitty pitcher!

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Thalia said...

Oh wow, that last photo...very close to what I saw when I evacuated for the Gap Fire!

I am very glad you are home in your home with homes around you.


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