Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I like road trips!

I'll slowly post some pictures and words about our recent drive to Oregon. It was a fabulous trip full of good sights, food, friends and family. On day 1 we drove to Eureka, about 600 miles north. Not too many highlights from day 1, really. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. That was cool. We drove past a car dealership in San Francisco that sold Lamborghinis. Henry thought that was cool. We drove through some amazing Redwood Groves. Everyone thought that was super cool. These pictures are from early on day two at Clam Beach, just north or Eureka. Look at those waves! So many of them.
This beach seemed huge compared to the ones we're used to. And much colder! Lucy didn't seem to mind. If someone had taken pictures of me, I would have looked chilly.
I'll post some more in the coming days, but I have to mention the field trip I went on today (I love not working!). We toured the Santa Barbara County Bowl (concert venue) and got to eat lunch right on the stage. Very cool. Then (it gets even better), we toured a local ice cream factory. ICE CREAM!!! They showed us where and how they make ice cream and then gave us samples! SAMPLES of free ICE CREAM!!! My life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Another level of expertise to add to the resume - Ice Cream Taster!!!


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