Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's hear it for The Bats!

Okay, I know The Bats doesn't sound much like a baseball team name, but it is. And they have really cool uniforms! Purple! Hey, what is that dog doing on the field? Here is Mae showing us the back. She is actually number 11, but there was a uniform mix-up this day. Look for 11 in the future.
Slugging away! She got a single at all three at bats in the last game and a few RBIs. I have to work on my baseball writing skills, that sentence doesn't sound right to me, but that is what happened.

She pays so much attention during the game and is a pretty fierce competitor. I wish I could say the same of some teammates, but there are a few who watch airplanes (or dogs) instead of the ball.
Cute and sporty.
I don't think I mentioned this during basketball season and it is true here, too; she is the only girl on the team (well, there was one other on her basketball team). It doesn't seem to matter. To her or to the boys. Awesome.

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