Sunday, October 18, 2009

NYC/Army Party

I have pretty bad/slow to post lately. We had a great trip to NYC/NJ for the Army Party Weekend. The weather was great and it was fun to see everyone after all that time (20 some years). Here are a few highlights from the weekend.

Jil & Izzy jogging (taking a break for a photo op) around the reservoir in Central Park
Playing cards at the house
Chance & Josie fishing at the lake
Izzy playing a little tennis
Chance and Larry Miller playing tennis
Army Party fun - from left to right Stash, Chance, Tilly, Lindsay Fisher, Zach Lucas & Ron
The crew
The Army Guys - Malcolm, Stash, Dave, Larry, John, Roger, Luke & Ron
Dancing away
Josie reading with Jill Lucas
Tilly & Lindsay recreating a picture that was taken of Jil & Lindsay about 25 years earlier
Josie & Lindsay
Jil, Tilly, Bunny & Malcolm

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