Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A little bit of sewing

This is where the magic happens! I have converted the downstairs into a sewing room/s. Any visitors may now have to give fair warning before visiting so I have some time to make space for them.
This is the skirt I made Tilly. It's called a Twirly Skirt and I found the pattern here. She loves it. She wore it to pre-school today with the new fleece pants I made fore her underneath (I will have to get a picture of those next).
This is a pill box style hat that I made for my friend Jennifer (I swear I have so many Jennifer friends in my life - it must have been a popular name). She has had some friends and family members fight the battle as well as lose the battle against breast cancer. We also had a mom from our elementary school pass away this fall from breast cancer. I know it is something that is close to Jennifer's heart so I decided to make her this hat. When I was at the fabric store a few weeks ago I picked up a scrap of the pink breast cancer awareness material which is the band around the bottom. I cut out one of the pink ribbons and sewed it by hand to the side of the hat. Viola!
These are the flannel pj pants I made for myself for Christmas. If you could see them close up you would notice a few errors (the crotch is really short) but overall they turned out fine and they are long!

This is a CD holder that I made from this book Wendy gave me. Well...I sort of followed the pattern. I kind of winged it and you can tell when you try to jam a CD in to it. Hey, it works and that's all that matters right?
This is a jeans skirt that I made from an old pair of my jeans that were headed off to the thrift store because they were to short for me after a few washings. I put a little patch of floral material in the back opening for some decoration.
Perhaps I am a little addicted. Oh well, there are worse things I could be doing.


Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

I'll make you a hat if you make me flannel jammy pants. Deal?

Wendy & Jil - The Original Agreeable Sisters said...

that's a deal. any color/pattern requests?

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