Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trees beware!

This is me after the most hilarious first-time chainsaw start up you ever did see (and hear). Did you know that you can control the engine with the finger throttle? I didn't. I just assumed it was like a lawn mower, running or not running. Wrong, I was. I pulled the cord (quite a few times, not easy I tell you) and got her going, really going, like wide open. Then John motioned to me by moving his index finger that I should move mine. This was followed by lots of laughing by all who were watching (and I had a pretty good sized crowd).
So, after lots of laughing, lots of hand sawing, and a little chainsawing, we had trimmed our trees and let some sunlight back into our yard. We also made a tree branch fort large enough for four people.
These guys enjoyed the fort all afternoon. Aahhh, the joys of yard work and power tools.

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